The kitchen – waiter system

The kitchen – waiter system

Wireless call button can drastically improve quality of service. Just imagine the situation: a client enters a restaurant willing to spend a good evening at your place. He chooses the table, takes a comfortable sit and prepares to make an order, but a waiter isn`t coming. So, instead of leaving his table to search for some service he just presses the button located right on his desk. In a minute or less a waiter comes to take an order and gives it to the kitchen.

Kitchen – waiter system

After that , when the dish is ready kitchen-waiter system will inform your waiter. No more staff rushing to a kitchen to check if the order is ready. That helps to avoid situations when the dish was ready long ago, but waiter had no idea of it. Kitchen-waiter system won`t let it happen and clients will get not warmed up or staled dish, but will enjoy their hot, just-cooked tasty food.

How to install the kitchen-waiter system

The system can be easily installed. All you need is to choose a place and set a list of the waiters. The kitchen is equipped with the button that send a signal to the waiter`s pager. It also allows to duplicate the signal to the Manager`s pager as well, in order to take keep an eye on how fast the orders are delivered to the customer. To put it simple, the cook presses the button and the order is delivered within a few minutes.