Wireless call button

Wireless call button for assistance

Nowadays it is certain that new wireless technologies have made tremendous breakthrough in hospitality and services business. Particularly in quality of the services provided and working conditions for employees. One of such inventions is a “Push for assistance button”. Being the most accessible, simple to set up and use the button can drastically improve quality of service and therefore rating of an organization. Today, one hardly notices how fluid, simple and natural such buttons are.

Wireless call button

The button is simple to install, considering there are no cables it requires hardly any servicing. The system of such devices employed in place creates a modern well organized business that allows one to stay ahead of competition. It`s an ideal way to save nerves of the clients as they can enjoy their evening without no need to search for a waiter if they want to order an extra glass of wine Since the wide use of the button seeking for a waiter, trying to find a sales assistant, or calling a concierge is a thing of a past. No need for trying to get the waiters attention in a crowded bar or a restaurant, simply press the button and the service you were waiting for is on the way in a shortest possible time.

Call for assistance button: it`s convenient

Wireless call button for assistanse

Basic starting package of a wireless system consists of a pager, which receives the signal and the main thing is a wireless call button that sends the signal. Depending on the area where wireless call button will be used it can also have:

  • displays for staff
  • remotes for sending the information
  • timers that record the reaction time to a call etc.

Wireless buttons have already become inseparable from a high quality, well organized service. Also, it is well worth mentioning that the size of the premises and the number of devices does not affect signal and therefore service quality in place. The range of a typical device is around 500-1500m and can be well extended beyond that by installing signal amplifier.